Who are you? What does your company represent? How do you want to represent your company's values? These questions are harder to answer than they should be. And you know what they say, you're only as successful as your marketing. Your logo design should tell a story. Whether it brings up a childhood memory or includes your awesome mom's favorite color, it should make your company human! That's where we come in. We'd love to sit down with you over your choice of beverage and hear your story so we can create a logo that not only you'll love, but everyone who sees it, and one you'll love sharing the story behind when people ask!


You love your logo as much as we do!? We didn't even think that was possible! That's awesome. Now, let's make that into a size you can fit into your pocket, put some information behind it, and you can pass it out to whomever is willing to accept it! (We'd definitely take one.) We can design your business card to fit your style. After all, you should feel GOOD about handing out your business card to a stranger. We can design you a business card that will not only get placed in the important section of people's wallets, but ones that they'll even show their friends saying, "HEY, did you know you can design business cards like this!?"

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Alpha Media  is an international web design and marketing company that specializes in getting your company to look its finest across all platforms all while ranking high on search engines--organically. Alpha Media is a full service international marketing firm, which means we're good at a lot of stuff! That includes, web design, business card design, brochures, search engine optimization, email design, social media management, brand identity and a whole lot more! We find complete satisfaction, and are proud of our ability to take your business to the next level. Whether you're in Myrtle Beach, USA | Edmonton, AB or any other part of these two countries, we are on the edge of our seats in anticipation of who's going to be the next superstar... *cough* YOU!

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