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Welcome to the era of shared resources and infinite possibilites, and we've got the internet to thank for that. Welcome to the fastest changing world to date, where younger generations are making millions expressing themselves online while shaping society, a new way of living, and a new way of working and connecting.


Don't get left behind...


Performing in this ever-evolving environment means to embrace change, while also being an agent for change. At Alpha Media Marketing, we are transforming the roots of Marketing and Design industry at its core. Gone are the days of boring, in-the-box concepts and ideas. Let your creativity run wild!


To some, Marketing is only a part of business. For others, it's a form of expression, and we want to provide a platform where creators can contribute and execute legendary ideas... Together. We're not huge fans of jargon, but this is what Marketing 2.0 is all about.


In the same way you want your doctor to have the newest, modern technology, we feel the same about our software. Learn how to operate and navigate today's cutting edge technology in the industry. Making the possibilities endless for anyone with the correct blend of motivation, creativity  and talent.


We currently operate out of three different countries (Australia, Canada, United States) and do not plan on slowing down any time soon. We've got a strong grip on the marketing industry. So if you think you've got strong forearms, read on. 


We are looking for top talent to join our mission on completely exploding the old ways of marketing and advertising, and make it FUN, creative, and most of all results-driven.

We are looking for talent in the industries of Photography, Videography, Marketing, Advertising, SEO Experts, Web Designers, Logistics, Finance, Client Relations, Copyrighting, Business Development, Public Relations, and more.

Doubling as a comedian is a bonus.

But beyond that, we are searching for builders. Builders are those people that see the world as an ever-changing entity, that can be molded, shaped, and improved; they are motivated and ready to get their hands dirty.

The Alpha Media Culture

We Work Hard

Big Goals, Bold Results

Cash & Equity Are Important

Working hard means being passionate about what you do, and consistently trying to go beyond what has already been done.

The world is full of noise. You only truly stand out when you commit to something and make it bold and meaningful.

Freedom comes with cash; dreams come from equity--work at Alpha Media and you'll receive both.

We Are A Global Company


Diversity And Balance

Since the internet is omnipresent, the world has become affinit-ous; which is what enables us to operate out of three different countries.

Let's be honest. Life is more than work and it can get complicated. We all work together to create a flexible environment.

Become apart of a growing, evolving family. Alpha Media Marketing welcomes talent from all genders and races.

Feeling Ready? Apply Now!

All open positions are listed below; whether remote or local.

Account Manager

Director of Photography

Public Relations Manager

Graphic Designer

Director of Videography

Edmonton, AB | Myrtle Beach, SC Web Design & Marketing 

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Alpha Media  is an international web design and marketing company that specializes in getting your company to look its finest across all platforms all while ranking high on search engines--organically. Alpha Media is a full service international marketing firm, which means we're good at a lot of stuff! That includes, web design, business card design, brochures, search engine optimization, email design, social media management, brand identity and a whole lot more! We find complete satisfaction, and are proud of our ability to take your business to the next level. Whether you're in Myrtle Beach, USA | Edmonton, AB or any other part of these two countries, we are on the edge of our seats in anticipation of who's going to be the next superstar... *cough* YOU!

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