Huge sale? Huge announcement? Huge news? Send it in one click to ALL of your contacts to let everyone know about the action!

Email Marketing is useful when trying to get a lot of information out in a short amount of time, sending newsletters, and a lot more! Consistently stay in arm's reach of your audience by sending out catchy, sexy newsletters. (Leave the sexy to us.) ... Words we never thought we'd be able to use. 

Alpha Media is here to help you design your first or thousandth email marketing campaign from scratch -- from design to acquiring the best list and then blasting it into the world of email for everyone to read. 

Honestly though, there's no other form of marketing better than email marketing when it comes to cost effectiveness and brand identity. What better way to stay in front of your audience, captivating all of their attention at once, conveying to them the exact message that you want. Sure sounds like something we'd be into! And WE ARE. 

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Alpha Media  is an international web design and marketing company that specializes in getting your company to look its finest across all platforms all while ranking high on search engines--organically. Alpha Media is a full service international marketing firm, which means we're good at a lot of stuff! That includes, web design, business card design, brochures, search engine optimization, email design, social media management, brand identity and a whole lot more! We find complete satisfaction, and are proud of our ability to take your business to the next level. Whether you're in Myrtle Beach, USA | Edmonton, AB or any other part of these two countries, we are on the edge of our seats in anticipation of who's going to be the next superstar... *cough* YOU!

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