Working from a cave - Visioning from a castle

... The one sentence that has continued to boost my marketing success. But what does it mean? It's simple... I hope you have your favorite morning/afternoon beverage in front of you, and are ready to learn the most efficient way to grow a small business. (in my opinion) IT'S ALL ABOUT WORKING FROM A CAVE BUT VISIONING FROM A CASTLE. When you work, do it assiduously. Do it passionately. Do it like your life depends on it, because let's face it. Sometimes, it does. You've probably heard the cliche, "the amount of work you put in, is the amount of results you get out." As nice as that sounds rolling off of the tongue, and consisting of the perfect climactic contrast ending, that's where it stops. It's simply just not true.. Let me explain. Michael Jordan, famous basketball player and infamous clothing connoisseur, reaches a whopping net worth of 1.31B... That's billion.. With a 'B'. I can assure you, he's not sitting in a factory for 18 hours a day, leathermaking shoes and knitting shorts. Honorably, he's probably focused on building another charity that he's involved in, much more than he his worried about where his next paycheck is coming from. Still don't believe me? Ray Kroc, a genius gentleman who had the epiphany one day to buy the entire McDonalds restaurant chain. He was not involved in the ground work that the McDonald brothers did behind the scenes to create the start of the most well known fast-food restaurant in the WORLD's legacy. He simply stepped in one day and decided to purchase the chain in its entirety, then he'd receive residuals for the remaining of his life, and then his children, his children's children, and so on.

So let me put it this way, working hard does not mean success, nor does hardly working mean failure. There is a happy medium, and that's the cave. The cave is working in humility yet proudly; working dilligently but not slave-like; becoming a master of yourself, rather than a master of others; worrying more about giving credit than taking it, and most of all.. Knowing your limits! One of the biggest mistakes I've found in new entreprenuers and small business owners is that they forget completely about their limits and their health. They neglect sleep, healthy eating habits and in worst-case scenarios, families and spouses. All because they want to get their business off of the ground. To your determination, I say "GREAT! Keep it up!" However, back to the point of becoming a master of yourself, getting a good night's sleep, having more balanced meals, and tucking your kid's into bed will not only bring more happiness into your life, but more revenue! If you feel good, then your performance will mirror.

Now... Onto the castle. You didn't think I forgot about that, did you? What is the castle? The castle is your dream. The castle is that 'B' that Michael Jordan has obtained. The castle is the end goal. Everything you've ever wanted is in the castle. There's no more success to be obtained. I know what you're thinking now.. "Why would I work form the cave, when the castle is everything that I've ever dreamed of?!" Great question!

It's because once you settle into the castle, you'll get comfortable--complacency begins to sneak in. Progress stops, but you don't mind because you're sitting in the castle. NEVER GET TO THAT POINT... I repeat... NEVER GET TO THAT POINT. We want to work from the cave--never losing focus, never losing momentum, never losing the fire that once sparked us to start in the first place. Working from the cave but visioning from the castle will not only bring an abundance of happiness in your life, but it'll also bring an abundance of new clients and employees that are going to LOVE working with you.

What's your castle look like?

Get out there, legend. Continue working from the cave, and you'll have a castle lifestyle in no time.

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