We put a bunch of pretty photos, with a bunch of pretty words that do something called "SEO" for different companies' websites. Well, at least that's what our grandmas say when they're trying to explain what we do... What we really do is develop a cutting-edge website that is both desktop and mobile friendly, that is easy to navigate, that keeps visitors coming back for more. 

You'll notice grandma used a term called "SEO", we're still not sure she knows what it means.. But basically that is short for "Search Engine Optimization", and refers to the act of capitalizing on the amount of visitors to your site by ranking high on search engine platforms i.e Google - the photos are just a bonus. Our 
website design team generally takes 2-3 weeks before the project is completely finished. Can be shorter, and hardly ever longer, it just depends on the complexity of your website.

It starts with a meeting where one of our designers and creators will be present, either over the phone or at your local, quiet restaurant where we'll take care of the bill, and you explaining the heart behind your company--the passion of why you started, the goal, how the idea came about, what your favorite color is, and a fun fact about yourself.. The fun fact is for just that.. We like getting to know ya'. 
Then we'll take all of that golden material you just shared with us, put it into a proposal of how we will best implement it, you reply with how much you LOVE it, we send you the first invoice, we do the work, we send you the final invoice, and we go out for another drink to celebrate the success of your company! (Okay, that's optional, but really.. We would!)


What're you waiting for? We bought these special mouse pads designed for flawless mouse movement so we can design your website even FASTER. We look forward to buying your lunch! 

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Alpha Media  is an international web design and marketing company that specializes in getting your company to look its finest across all platforms all while ranking high on search engines--organically. Alpha Media is a full service international marketing firm, which means we're good at a lot of stuff! That includes, web design, business card design, brochures, search engine optimization, email design, social media management, brand identity and a whole lot more! We find complete satisfaction, and are proud of our ability to take your business to the next level. Whether you're in Myrtle Beach, USA | Edmonton, AB or any other part of these two countries, we are on the edge of our seats in anticipation of who's going to be the next superstar... *cough* YOU!

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